Chef Mitzi Jackson Robinson

Chef Mitzi Jackson Robinson


Family Style Meals and Weekly Meal Prep 

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Family Style menus  are  posted every week for a Sunday Dinner Delivery. 

Dinners start at $275. Feeds a family of 6

Family Style Meal                           (feeds 6)
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Twist Philly by Chef MJ
Twist Philly by Chef MJ
Let us do the cooking for you
Let us do the cooking for you

Weekly Meal Prep 

Our weekly meal prep is a great way to take the guess work away when it comes to planning meals for yourself and your family. We have all types of meal plans that cater to the person who wants to Eat Well, while Eating Well. Head on over to the getting to know you section of our website so that Chef MJ can learn all about you. Once you complete the form, you will be scheduled for a phone consultation to get started. 

Option 1
30 day meal guideline.  Here I will create a  30 day plan for you that is based on your individual weight loss and nutrition goals.  I provide you with a menu for 30 days and you prepare the food yourself. I also provide a 1.5 hr virtual  class session to teach you the basics of how to prepare the food. Cost is $600 for couples $400 for individuals 

Option 2
Weekly Meal Prep

Delivered Fresh Daily

 Menu planning weekly with client, with a what are you craving menu meeting. 

5 meals $375 per week . 

(Your first week receive a $100 discount for trying. You must commit to a 30 day meal plan for this deal. ) 

Best Value : 10 meals plus a smoothie or smoothie bowl.  $500 per week (this would include lunch and dinner) also includes smoothie,  smoothie bowl, eggs egg whites or oatmeal.)

20 meals $750 per week ( lunch and dinner, includes smoothie,  smoothie bowl, eggs or egg whites or oatmeal. ) recommended for couples 

Minimum 30 day requirement . $100 off your first week. 

Family of 4 (40 meals) $900

Add shakes for an additional $40 per week 

Add smoothie bowls for an additional $50 per week 

Payment  can be made via Apple Pay to 704-901-6136, Cash App, Venmo or via credit card 

Text or  call us at 856-900-0018 to get started as early as next week!!  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Chef Mitzi Jackson Robinson